UCW Training Center

Train how the current champions trained!!!  We are currently taking sign ups, Space is limited.
Call us at 404-919-1UCW(1829) or email us at ucwlive@gmail.com to reserve your spot!

“The Universal Championship Wrestling Training Center” is here!!!!

Where you can be trained by two world famous trainers, Joe “The Assassin” Hamilton and Nick Patrick. The honest and truthful resumes possessed by each of these men are unparalleled. No one anywhere can come close to having the legitimate credentials of these men.  

Weither you want to break into the business or you are the Indy worker looking for your big break, this is where you need to be!

We offer full training and conditioning, as well as Live Events, and advancement to Regional and National television as & advancement opportunities to THE BIG LEAGUES, including TNA, & WWE!


Nick Patrick has had a 30 year career in wrestling at the top level, 1st as a wrestler until a knee injury stopped his wrestling career, but he then became one of wrestling’s top referee’s, being the head referee for WCW and also the head referee for WWE. Nick is considered by his peers to be the # 1 referee of all times, also one of the most knowledgeable people in the wrestling business today, Nick is an expert on every aspect of wrestling, in the ring and out. 



Joe “The Assassin” Hamilton, member of the WCW Hall of Fame, The NWA Hall of Fame, the GWH Hall of Fame, he had his 1st pro-match in June of 1956, and retired in Oct. 1988.


On May, 24, 1958, Teaming with his brother Larry, Joe became the youngest man to ever wrestle in a Main Event in Madison Square Garden, Joe was 19-years old when he did that, and that record still stands today. Throughout his entire wrestling career he was features in Main Events all over the world, He wrestled in all 50-states, plus traveling to and wrestling in many other countries such as: Canada, Mexico, England, France, Germany, Spain, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Thailand, India, South Korea and Japan. 


During his career he wrestled (14) different World Champions, he defeated Dusty Rhodes for the NWA World title in the Bayfront Center in St Petersburg, Fl. but lost it back to Rhodes the same night because of a NWA technicality. 


(54) of the wrestlers he and Nick Patrick have trained went to the Major Leagues of Wrestling. Here’s a list of people that were trained by “The Assassin” and Nick Patrick.


(1) Triple HHH -WCW & WWE

(2) The Great Khali -WWE 

(3) M.V.P.-WWE

(4) The Miz-WWE

(5) Matt Stryker-WWE

(6) Brett & Brian-“The Majors Bros.” Zach Ryder- WWE

(7) Michelle McCool-WWE

(8) Chuck Palumbo-WWE

(9) Ray Gordy-WWE

(10) The Freakin Deacon-aka-Luke Gallows-WWE

(11) Mike Knox-WWE

(12) Eric Perez-WWE

(13) Krystal Marshall-WWE

(14) Brook Adams-WWE

(15) Rebecca DiPeitro-WWE

(16) Kid Kash WWE-& TNA.

(17) Ryan O’Reilly-WWE

(18) Krissy Vane-WWE

(19) Kofi Kingston-WWE

(20) The Big Show-WWE

(21) Bill Goldberg-WWE

(22) Kevin Nash-WWE-TNA

(23) Marc “Johnny B. Badd” Mero-WCW-&-WWE

(24) Diamond Dallas Page-WCW-&-WWE

(25) Scotty “The Raven” Levy-WCW-&-WWE-& TNA

(26) Jack Swagger-WWE

(27) Nattie Neihart-WWE

(28) Angel Williams- WWE-& TNA

(29) Taylor-TNA

(30) Elix Skipper-TNA

(31) Palmer Cannon- WWE

(32) Bradley J.-try-out-WWE

(33) Todd & Mike Shane-“Gymini”-try-out WWE

(34) Derrick Neikirk-try-out-WWE

(35) Nick Mitchell-try-out-WWE

(36) Mark Jindrak-try-out-WWE

(37) Brian “Kronik” Clark-WWE

(38) Johnny “The Bull” Hugger-WWE

(39) Ernest “The Cat” Miller-WWE

(40) Sonny Siaki-try-out-WWE

(41) Dale “The Dragon” Torborg-try-out-WWE

(42) Chad Fortune-WCW

(43) Erik Watts-WCW

(44) Lash LaRoux- WCW

(45) Allen Funk-WCW

(46) Mike  Saunders-WCW

(47) “Reno” Rick Cornell 

(48) Evan Karagous-team of 3-count- WCW-&-WWE

(49) Greg “Crucifier Khuchevsky” Hunke-WCW

(50) Ron “Studd” Reis-7ft. 4in. 407 pounds.-WCW

(51) Chad Brock-WCW-Left wrestling for Country Music.

(52) Harold “I.M. Smooth” Hogue- WCW.

(53-&-54) The other half of Gymini