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Interview with B. Brian Blair

Click on the picture to listen to this outstanding interview with B. Brian Blair from the historic tag team, The Killer Bees.

In this interview with Steve Goforth, B. Brian Blair discusses great topics such as:

--His recent agreement with Universal Championship Wrestling (1:34) --Being Hulk Hogan's first opponent in the ring and what he would change about that match. (4:35) --How the name Killer Bees was formed (11:50) --Using masks to confuse their opponents and who came up with the idea. (13:05) --The classic feud and matches with The Hart Foundation (13:56) --His Wrestlemania moment (16:18) --My search for the Killer Bee LJN figures as a kid and does he own one?? (19:00) --Who the Killer Bees would face if they transported in a time machine from the 1980's to face a tag team today (21:05) --His passion as CEO of the Cauliflower Alley Club and how they help wrestlers in financial need. (23:10) --The Cranium Shot portion of the interview when he shoots on The Iron Shiek, Jimmy Hart, Stan Hansen, Larry Zbyszko, and Jessie Ventura. (27:37)

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